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When I was little, my mom used to take me to a portrait studio each year as I grew. It was a creepy dark place with strange toys. The photographer was an old man. He was tall and big ( or maybe my perspective was skewed because I was small ). He had this vest with lots of pockets and big clunky boots. He was NOT very friendly. I remember having to sit on a small chair with strange toys around me.

*SMILE!' *FLASH* Done.

There it was - a portrait of me hanging in the blue metal frame on the wall of my room. Honestly, I looked petrified in the photo.It certainly wasn’t my mother’s intention to scare me, nor to produce a terrified portrait of me, but at the time this was the only choice for portrait sessions.

As a portrait photographer, I help parents relish the feeling of having a new baby, and to preserve the memories of their children growing up. My studio is bright and fun, with kids music playing gently in the background, and silly dancing all around. I love my career - it gives me a change to be silly and act like a three year old when I chase my little clients and play peek-a-boo (which I can now say in four languages). I strive to take portraits full of life and personality, with joy, smiles and laughter you swear you can almost hear.

My portrait photo studio is located in Markham. It is an elegant and cozy studio with a full set of professional photo equipment (studio lights and backdrops), and a large selection of setups and newborn props.

We specialize in creating a beautiful custom designed hand-made print boxes, albums, wall displays using Italian moulding frames and high quality canvases.

Please contact us if you would like to come by and see the studio, we'll be happy to meet and discuss ideas and inspirations!

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