Baby photography – First Birthday

One of the greatest joys of being a baby photographer is having the chance to visually capture baby’s milestones – while photographing newborns in their first week of life, followed by their first month and then taking portraits of their first birthday, you can’t help but notice how incredibly fast they grow!

During our latest studio photo session, I photographed baby Mia’s very first Birthday. As usual in my photo studio, there is no photo shoot that goes without fun times and improvisation! In a flash of inspiration I’ve put together the cutest little tutu, just 15 minutes before Mia’s arrival in our portrait studio. Mia’s custom made purple dress was tailored especially for this photoshoot and photographed very well with the pastel pink and purple themed birthday cake. The tutu looked fantastic on this tiny ballerina and Mia shined like a precious little star. It was a tough choice for Mia’s parents when it came to selecting the photographs, which they solved by ordering a few large prints to decorate the walls of their living room, so that they can always have their precious daughter’s milestone in front of their eyes.

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