Cake Smash – First Birthday – Photography Session

Smash the cake photo session!

Every day millions of people celebrate their birthdays. Some birthdays mean more than others as some of them remind us of the special milestones we’ve achieved.

Let’s take a minute and honor First Birthdays. In the first 365 days of a baby’s life, they achieved so many little things that will mold and prepare them for the rest of their life. From first sound to the first taste of solid food, first tooth to the first playdate and an infinite list of “first”.

Let’s not forget that as parents, we had quite a journey in those 365 days too! What’s a better way to celebrate and remember those memories than having cake (or a cake smash) and preserving those memories in a portrait that will always bring you back to that first year?

We offer Milestones Mini / Cake Smash Photography Sessions Monday to Friday between 10 am to 3 pm – by appointment only. We welcome clients to drop in for a commitment-free consultation to discuss ideas and inspirations.


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