CathedralTown Portrait Studio – Newborn Photography for Local Family

Newborn and Maternity Portraits

Oh how happy we were to photograph this beautiful and happy family! Seeing families grow melts our heart, the more cute munchkins around – the merrier! The Big Brother, is very excited and I can’t blame him, just look at those eyes, those cute pouty sugar lips!  We are very excited to see brothers grow up!

We got to experiment with more colorful set-ups for this newborn session. The portrait of two brothers together is a composite photo – the picture of older child was done separately and the newborn pose was created later at more serene and safe environment. Toddlers are always full of energy and eager to discover new things. To make sure we get best sibling and family shots an older child gets to stay only for the first 30-40 min at the studio, all the hard work of combining composite shots are done in post-production.

Our studio has had a warm welcome from the families in the neighborhood, and we enjoy being a part of this lovely community. It’s really nice to see so many local clients in our studio, photograph their children, and then enjoy watching those families grow and their children grow up. Having such intimate connection with our local families is truly amazing!
We are very much looking forward to seeing this wonderful family in the neighborhood, and watching their boys having fun, go through all the little troublemaker stages and grow up to become wonderful men. Thank you for choosing us as your photographers, photographing our local families is extra special for us!
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