Celebrating another successful year in the studio!

Wishing you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy and prosperous new year ahead!

Today, I spent some time looking back on photos I took in 2013. I’m grateful for all the parents bringing their precious newborns to the studio. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see them coming back for mini sessions during their baby’s first year and watching their children grow. I’ve been thinking about the small fleeting details that fly by during the newborn stage. Things that are unique to newborns, like their tiny fingers and toes, their soft baby hair and peeling flaky skin.

Looking through my personal album filled with photos of my son, I’m saddened that I don’t see a lot of pictures like that. At that time I was more focused on photographing his eyes and lips, how fast he grew and capturing every milestone he passed.

In the studio, client albums are filled with a wide variety of photographs, including the one showing tiny feet and toes, hair and fingers. I’m happy to capture these features and so ensure parents will treasure their unique details for years to come.

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