How do we Book our Newborn Photo Session if we don’t know when our baby will arrive?

Toronto Newborn Photography Studio

Congratulations on your impending arrival! What an incredible time in your life. Celebrating your newborn with a custom newborn photography session is so much fun, and such a great way to create a beautiful family heirloom for your little one.

We suggest booking your newborn session at least 3 months in advance or more. Our Markham photography studio doesn’t plan an actual solid date in the calendar, but rather the general birth month. Once our studio hits a number of sessions per month, we no longer accept further bookings. This allows us to keep up our excellent full-scale luxury services, expected editing turnaround times, and enough room in our schedule to ensure we have dedicated time for each one of our teeniest clients.

Once your baby arrives, we ask that you give us a heads up, and we’ll book you into the studio in your baby’s first 5-12 days. We book this early to ensure baby’s safety – so they stay sleeping peacefully through poses. Once the baby reaches 14 days old, they’re more aware and awake, making more technical poses less safe and more difficult to accomplish.

Then, all you need to do is join us at our luxury studio, sit back, relax, and allow us to make your baby into a beautiful work of art. Can’t wait to see you! Reach out to reserve your date!





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