Love and Gentleness, Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photography

When this young couple walked in for a maternity shoot in our photo studio I felt new parents’ love and gentleness right away. The way they spoke about their coming baby girl, the way they looked at each other – these emotions are evident in their photos all throughout. It is such a joy to be part of that energy, and capture it forever, and become part of this new family’s history.
Arriving of a first child is always an event that would make any couple somewhat nervous.  Also, for the first time parents start feeling love for someone small and gentle, who is even yet to arrive. The first pregnancy is truly wonderful.
The new baby girl’s mom is a picture of motherhood, it was so inspirational to work with her. The images of her in a baby-doll lacy dress, enveloped in soft daylight highlight and celebrate her maternity emotions. The way she looks at her baby bump, the way her hand lovingly touches it… This baby girl is coming into a world of motherly love, gentle, caring and endless.
Having said that, this yet to arrive baby girl’s dad is no doubt already a dad every girl could wish for. His love for the baby bump, anticipation give all the clues of how wonderful of a father he will be. It is always a great idea to come for both mom and dad for a maternity photography session. Capturing both parents’ emotions is important. After time passes and children grow up, imagine sitting down with the loved one, opening the photo book, and reminisce about time when the little ones were just on the way. Pregnancy is an important time for both mother and father to be, and having images not only of mom, but both parents to be makes the book more complete, interesting, and valuable for the family.
Here’s to love, care, and excitement of this new family.
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