Newborn Photography – Baby J. in the Studio

Heirloom Newborn Photography

There is no joy that can compare to that of becoming a new parent welcoming new life into the world.  I could feel the unconditional love these parents had for their little one when they came in for their photo session.  It was a wonderful privilege to be able to capture this new family’s memories.

It was very inspiring to photograph this baby.  It was clear that the baby thrived from the parents’ love.  He was so peaceful and content.  The greatest joy as a parent is to see your child at peace and happy and seeing them as a happy family gave me joy.

Seeing the mom hold the baby, cuddling and kissing his forehead made the baby feel safe and loved.  When I saw the dad hold the baby, I could tell that he is a gentle and loving father.  These two combined is everything a child could ask for.  Even if the baby will not remember this photo session, I have been able to give this family memories for the child to look back on and think “wow, I can see how much my parents loved me even when I didn’t remember.”

Days are long but the years are short.  Having these moments to look back to will be a bonding moment for the family to remember where they have come from.  Time does not stop for anyone but photographs let you see the stage of life at a particular time.  From the time the baby was in the mother’s stomach, the world was getting ready to nurture that baby.  Now that the family has their albums and canvases, those pieces can always serve as a reminder of the love that keeps them together.

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