A Growing Family – Newborn Photo Sessions with an Older Sibling

Newborn photography in the studio.


We love having older siblings in the studio for a newborn photo session. It is in these treasured moments when we see the bond form between siblings; a natural protective instinct emerges from the older sibling towards the younger one as our newborn is cuddled close.  The beginnings of a life-long friendship is formed from a kinship that only siblings share and will be forever captured in this moment.

To make sure the session goes smoothly it’s important to create a positive environment and work around your toddler’s schedule. To prepare for your session, please use our checklist:

Make sure to bring:

  • snacks and water
  • favourite toys for comfort
  • an extra set of clothes for the photos and additional set of clothes to go home in.
  • items to bribe them with ( favourite foods, etc )

Keep the visit to the studio short and arrange off-site daycare after the family photos. Come fully dressed for the family photos at the beginning of the session. Don’t try to prepare your toddler for taking pictures; it’s better to promise a fun playdate with a lady-photographer. Don’t teach them to smile… never ever! Don’t stress and don’t discipline toddlers in the studio. Keep it positive.

For the photos, toddlers need a full outfit. If your little one keeps their shoes on, it would be better to have a new pair of shoes with clean new soles as it shows in the photos. Your newborn baby will be wrapped in the swaddle provided by the studio. Remember to choose outfits in complementary colors for the whole family.
Visit newborn photography portfolio page to look for inspiration.

sibling newborn photo examples Newborn photo session in the studio

Newborn photo sessions are booked in advance while still pregnant. Contact us to reserve your spot!


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